About Us

A business set up to serve the community by providing real, fresh and local produce.

We operate one of the last remaining farm-lets on the western side of Inverloch only five minutes walk from the town centre.  Our farm is set on approximately 4 acres of land and the whole property is dedicated to the production of fruit and vegetables.  We follow the principles of organic horticulture and permaculture and while our farming methods originate in Italy, our cooking methods combine the best of France, Italy, Switzerland and Australia, representing the diversity of our staff.

We pride ourselves on doing things the old way and this means nearly everything on our farm is grown or made by hand.  We believe that much satisfaction is gained in growing and producing something that you have put your heart and soul into.  Visit us at the farm gate and we’ll be all to happy to tell you how we grow our vegetables, make our produce and show you around the farm.

Seasonal Produce

Organically home-grown & home-made

We focus strongly on fresh produce that has been grown on the Jjaras property, only in season and by the use of organic farming methods.

A variety of certified organic and locally grown produce is also available throughout the year. Due to the seasonal nature of the business, the quantity and variety of fresh produce offered, varies regularly.

Fresh Seasonal Produce

i-fruitvegWe guarantee the freshness of our products and strive to ensure that you get the best tasting and most natural product possible. We grow our own ingredients wherever possible, using fresh seasonal produce, and source what we can’t grow from the local and regional community.

We specialise in growing a variety of heirloom vegetables and fruit for their fuller flavour and nutritional value. Jjaras has extensive vegetable plots, orchards, a vineyard and a berry patch. We are constantly adding to our fruit trees and developing the land through the use of organic farming practises.


i-preservedJjaras jams, coulis, chutneys and tomato pureés are all made with seasonally grown farm fresh fruit and vegetables. They do not contain artificial colours, preservatives, flavourings or added salt. As we use fresh seasonal produce in all our preserves, this sometimes means that some products are unavailable at certain times throughout the year. This is because if fruits and vegetables are not in season then we won’t make the preserve. We prefer to wait until they are in season ensuring that everything that goes into our preserves is as fresh and pure as possible.

Jjaras makes different kinds of jams. You need to be quick though, as we sometimes run out and can’t make anymore until the next season. Types include raspberry, blackberry, fig, mixed berry and plum.

Jjaras prides itself on making unique coulis with a chunky consistency due to it’s high concentration of real fruit. We ensure that
if you want blueberries or raspberries in your coulis, then that’s what you get! Due to the high fruit content, our coulis requires a vigorous shake before each use. Drizzle them over pancakes, ice cream or cakes, or mix into plain yoghurt for a special treat. Jjaras specialises in rapberry and boysenberry coulis.

Jjaras chutneys are made in season when the produce that goes into them can be picked fresh. Please be aware that we can run out of a particular type of chutney as we don’t make more until the next season. Jjaras range of chutneys includes tomato chutney, spicy tomato chutney, apple chutney and apple mint chutney.

Jjaras tomato pureé is made using a traditional Italian method. It is a simple tomato passata that can be used as a great base for any sauce. We make our pureé thick. The only added ingredient is a basil leaf, as tradition demands. Otherwise, our pureé is made from seasonal produce with no preservatives or additives such as salt or sugar. Our method ensures it will last unopened in your cupboard or cellar for years.


i-bakedJjaras baked goods are all home made with local free range eggs. We only bake to meet demand to ensure that you get the freshest product available.The Jjaras range of baked goods includes cakes, muffins, biscuits and pies. Jjaras also makes cakes and biscuits for special occasions such as Christmas and Easter. Details and prices are available on application. We can also make gluten free baked goods.

Jjaras cakes include loaf cakes and breads. The size of a loaf is approximately 22cm x 11cm x 7 cm and they are easily cut into slices for afternoon tea or the coffee shop. Some of our most popular cakes are listed below, however, we make other cakes on request, including gluten free cakes. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements. Details and prices available on application. Jjaras range of cakes include berry, moist chocolate, carrot & walnut, pear & raspberry, lamingtons, apple, lemon syrup, lemon & poppyseed, orange & poppyseed.

Jjaras muffins are available at the farm gate. Texan size muffins must be requested, and are an ideal dessert, drizzled with Jjaras berry coulis.  Jjaras range of muffins include berry & white chocolate, lemon & poppyseed, orange & poppyseed, strawberry & pistachio and double chocolate.

Jjaras pies are made with our own special family pastry recipe.  The apples used in our pies have been picked from the tree whilst in season, and placed directly into the coolroom.  Each pie is deliciously moist and crumbly and contains chunky fruit pieces.

Jjaras biscuits are made by hand with organic free range eggs. Their size is best described as Café style. Some of our most popular biscuits are listed below, however, we do make other styles from time to time and will also make biscuits on request.

  • Coconut Maroon  A biscuit with a soft texture made with coconut and eggs that melts in your mouth.
  • Jam Drops  A biscuit with a dollop of Jjaras sweet tasting organic jam
  • Anzac Biscuits  Everyone’s favourite traditional Australian biscuit
  • Italian Biscotti  The traditional Italian biscuit. Great for dunking in a short black or eating on it’s own


We make a small amount of wine from our vineyard and also sell a small selection of local wines.  Our wines include organically made Pinot, Shiraz and Chardonnay.  We are fully licensed and welcome you to try our wines at the cafe.

Farmgate Café

Enjoy home-cooked delights

Jjaras Café offers a la carte breakfast and lunch menu. After years of selling our produce from the front garage, our small café, composed of mostly recycled building materials, was completed in September 2010.

All products sold within our Café have a local origin, including our excellent locally roasted organic coffee and certified organic teas. All food sold is homemade on site. A small selection of light lunch options are available, along with freshly baked cakes and biscuits to enjoy with coffee.

All Day Breakfast

  • Hope Farm spiced fruit toast
    with either bacon or salmon
  • Sourdough Toast
    (optional condiments)
  • Local free-range eggs
    scrambled or poached on sourdough (child’s serve – $6.50)
  • Bacon & Egg Ciabatta roll
    local free-range bacon and egg with homemade BBQ sauce
  • Homemade Tartine
    with mushrooms, onions, capsicums, spinach on sourdough bread
  • Jjaras Bircher Muesli
    with Acai yoghurt and fresh berries
  • Smoked Salmon toast
    with poached eggs, avocado and rocket on sourdough toast

Optional Extras

  • $2.50
    Free-range egg
  • $3.50
    Free-range bacon
  • $3.50
  • $2.50
    Free-range egg
  • $3.50
    Free-range bacon
  • $3.50
  • $1.50
  • $2.50
  • $3.50
  • $2.50


  • Seasonal Mixed Garden Salad
  • Marinated Local Olives
    served with garlic bread for dipping
  • Seasonal quiche
    with garden salad (see lunch board)
  • Caprese salad
    of tomatoes, mozzarella & basil served with toasted garlic bread
  • Italian style lasagne
    homemade with garden salad
  • Lentil burger
    on sourdough with garden salad, coriander and mint pesto and hand-cut chips
  • South Gippsland lamb
    Moroccan-style, with shredded beetroot, roasted capsicum on sourdough, with a garlic / tsatsiki sauce and tabouleh salad
  • Chicken Parmigiana
    with homemade basil sauce, chat potatoes and garden salad
  • Flathead Fillets
    with garden salad and chat potatoes
  • Antipasto Plate
    for 2 of small goods, cheeses, olives, served with garlic bread
  • Mixed leaf side salad
  • Side of hand-cut potato chips

All day – for eat-in or take-away

  • Steak sandwich
    with onion, BBQ sauce & lettuce
  • The Lot
    (egg, bacon, cheese, tomato)
  • Toasted ham and cheese sandwich
    (tomato optional)
  • Toasted turkey sandwich
    with cheese, rocket and Jjaras tomato chutney
  • Toasted ciabatta submarine
    with ham & cheese on pineapple rings

Meals include fresh seasonal produce from Jjaras farm, local free range eggs, South Gippsland free range meats and Hope Farm organic bread.  Refer to front counter and display fridge for cakes, biscuits and drink options.  See main menu boards for wine list and daily specials.

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Please call Geoff on 0402 773 529 if you want to chat about Jjaras, make a reservation in the café or make a booking for your group.